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Solar Refrigerator

  • Refrigeration is one of the highest energy use type of appliances at present.
  • A Solar Refrigerator is a refrigerator which can run on solar energy directly. 
  • Solar refrigerators are able to keep much needed vaccines & medicines at their appropriate temperature to avoid spoilage.
  • Very much useful for Health Industry where medicines / vaccines to be transported from one location to the another without any spoilage to the same. 
  • No need to have a Electrical energy. 
  • Very much useful for the area where power supply is not available.
  • Solar-powered refrigerators may be most commonly used in the developing world to help mitigate poverty and climate change. 
  • The solar-powered refrigeration system developed is environmentally friendly Because it eliminates the need for an electric grid and provides enough reserve thermal storage for cooling in the absence of continual sunlight.  

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